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"There's an empty space where you used to lay, and an ache in my heart that wont go away. I couldn't of asked for a better friend and partner. You were my faithful companion until the end. Now you're roaming endless fields, forever for free to run. Listening to the song of the wind beneath the golden sun. Meet me at the rainbow when the  time is right. Run into my arms again, walk with me into the light."
-Christy Martine



Finleys Shep Chaco Slate

ASCA/AKC/ASDR Registered

OFA Hips Good

OFA Eyes Clear

MDR1 -/- 

"Shep" is the solid old guy that is just nice to have around when you need to dog break cows. Shep has a lot of bite but only uses it when necessary. We've never seen him back down or loose a fight, he's happy to grab a front foot if the bull puts his head down to hide his nose. Shep is cow-dog ONLY, we occasionally used him to load sheep when they refused to load, this dog has a lot of power and presence. His lines will live on for us through his niece "Bake's Warrior Princess"

02/03/2008 - 07/22/2019

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